When a man gets home from work, he discovers that someone is sleeping in his bed…

Hayden Winter planned on going straight to bed after eating dinner when he got home late Tuesday night from work.

However, when he entered his bedroom, he discovered a cat sleeping in his bed. Fezgin, a local cat who lives contentedly on the streets in Winter’s neighborhood in Istanbul, Turkey, was identified by Winter.

Winter told, “Istanbul is basically a metropolis of cats and dogs.” “It’s fantastic – people simply feed them and they become a part of the community.”

Fezgin was curled up in Winter’s bed, eyeing him down like an intruder. Winter checked his window and saw that she had broken into his flat by climbing through the window.

It wasn’t the first time Fezgin had broken into his house, but she didn’t normally jump into his bed. So Winter was taken aback when she decided to make herself at home in his room this time.

Winter described her as “a little wicked.” “She’s always having a good time.”

Winter snapped some images and posted them to Catspotting, a closed Facebook community, where the cat and her photos went viral and received a lot of attention.

Fezgin didn’t stay that night, but Winter is considering letting her stay and sleep in his room whenever she needs it this winter.

Winter is certain that if the cat requires warmth, she will appear on her own. “I’m confident she’ll come back,” Winter said. “She’s the boss, like all cats in Istanbul.”

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When a man gets home from work, he discovers that someone is sleeping in his bed…
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