They have the funniest and weirdest habits ever… Check out the photos to see for yourself…

The only issue we have is that cats have a habit of engaging in unusual, inexplicable behaviors that continue to perplex us. They can be so strange and bizarre at times that we believe they are extraterrestrials from another planet. However, no matter how strange they are, we adore them.

We think cats are weirdos who do funny and crazy things all the time, therefore we picked up 20 photographs of cats with strange habits and characteristics to share with you. Scroll down to see for yourself if you don’t trust us!

1. “He snatches potatoes and carries them around the house like a boss.”

2. “My cat only drinks the water that runs from his head and from the sink.”

3. “To attract attention, my cat raises her paw.”

4. “While I’m going to the restroom, she wets her belly in the sink and sits on the toilet cistern.”

5. “Other cats present people with dead mice as prizes. Our cat returned with the stick he had discovered in the garden.”

6. “I’m not sure how he got there.” But he sobbed till I approached him.”

7. “My cat drinks from the dish by dipping her tummy into it and then licking the water off her fur.”

8. “When Ghost wants to be pet, he makes this look.”

9. “She prefers to enter the drawer from the rear.” When I open it, she always shocks me.”

10. Someone needs to explain how the laws of physics work to this cat.

11. “She likes to warm her behind in the laptop’s hot jet of air.”

12. “Some folks sip tea while raising their pinkies. And this is how my cat drinks.”

13. “My cat enjoys pretending to be a figurine.”

14. “My cat continues to line up the socks of my 9-year-old son.”

15. “Our cat enjoys lying on his back on top of the cabinets, eyes wide open, looking at the ceiling.”

16. “Every morning, she sits like this and waits for someone to put ice in her water.”

17. “My cat doesn’t know how to be a cat”.

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They have the funniest and weirdest habits ever… Check out the photos to see for yourself…
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