A hoarding rescue discovered rare Havana Brown cats that had been mistreated and were in poor health…

A year ago, a bunch of felines was rescued and transported to Missouri’s Five Acres Animal Shelter. Surprisingly, the majority of them seemed to be Havana Browns, an uncommon breed.

According to estimates, only about 1,000 members of this breed survive on the planet. This breed is a cross between a Siamese and a Cuban cigar, with a coat color that resembles one. These cats, like all cats, deserve fun and loving existence, yet they were confined in small, filthy cages instead.

Many of the cats discovered had PSTD. They were terrified and kept a confined pace with foam in their mouth.

The cats’ overall health had been neglected when they came to Five Acres. People were given them after receiving specific care for their bodies and rotten teeth.

The difficult part was still to come. It was also their broken soul that needed to be repaired. It took a lot of effort to assist them with their mental transition. Fortunately, the result came fruitful. By early December, many of the cats were ready for adoption.

Because these cats require a lot of attention and affection, the staff at Five Acres wanted to be sure the families who would be adopting them would be a good match for their love-hungry personalities.

Acorn is the only significant illustration of this sad truth among the 90 rescued cats. Due to dislocated kneecaps caused by his hunched lifestyle, he could scarcely walk or stand erect.

Dr. Arndt performed a dangerous surgery on Acorn, and he valiantly underwent it. Acorn made a significant improvement in its recovery in the fall of 2018. During his time in the foster home, he was the first cat to use the underwater treadmill.

There are also hints that Acorn is regaining his feline instincts and lovely personality. We may now look forward to a great future for him in the near future.

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A hoarding rescue discovered rare Havana Brown cats that had been mistreated and were in poor health…
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