You won’t believe where the African serval cat was when he was lost for three days…

Spartacus, an African serval cat who escaped from his Merrimack, New Hampshire home and spent three days in the outdoors, has been reunited with his owners.

Spartacus, according to his owner Dean King, can be wary of outsiders and went away on Wednesday after being startled by Hank, the family dog. The family searched the woods near their home for him and contacted Merrimack Police Department for assistance.

“Last night, the dog refused to come in.” So my wife walked up to the front door and opened it. He ran after the dog and the cat spooked each other. Dean said, “He’s gone.”

The four-year-old wild cat was captured near its home and was in good health, according to the police. The serval was discovered safe and well after three days in the New Hampshire wilderness.

“Good day, Merrimack!” The lost serval cat has been discovered. It is in good health after being caught near its home. It has been returned to its rightful owner. “Thank you for all of your attention and shares,” the police said on Facebook as they shared the good news.

The search was difficult, according to Merrimack animal control officer Haylie Gulino, because she and her colleagues had never seen a situation like this before and didn’t know what to look for.

“They had no notion; I had to show them a photo of their natural appearance.” As I previously stated, this was unknown territory. “For most people here, it was out of the ordinary,” Haylie Gulino said.

Four years ago, the magnificent 40-pound cat was legally adopted from a Florida zoo. He has been living peacefully with his family for the past few years. It’s worth noting that the family owns the cat legitimately, with a permit from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

Dean’s wife, Lisa King, expressed her gratitude for everyone’s support and concern.
“Dean and I would want to express our gratitude to everyone for their assistance and support. Spartacus is safe and toasty at home. I personally have no words to express my thanks! In a Facebook post, she said, “I have a bond with this cat, and he is my person.”

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You won’t believe where the African serval cat was when he was lost for three days…
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