A woman found a box in her backyard and was astonished… Watch the video to know what she did…

The period of the year when shelters take in the most kittens is now known as “kitten season.” As a result, it’s not uncommon for individuals to surrender more kittens at this time. The Paris Animal Shelter in Texas, on the other hand, was taken aback when a woman brought a box containing 39 baby kittens to the shelter.

While out doing some work, the woman came across 39 abandoned kittens in her backyard, according to the woman. The kittens’ ages ranged from 3 to 8 weeks, and their health problems varied as well. Some were underweight, dehydrated, flea-infested, and suffering from diarrhea, but others appeared to be in good health.

The personnel at the shelter were overwhelmed by the task of caring for 39 newborn kittens, but they didn’t hesitate to assist. Thankfully, the local animal-loving community stepped forward to take some of the kittens. “The rescue offers came in thick and fast,” Stephanie Ann recalled.

Paws of Love Animal Rescue, Awwdoptables, Kaley’s Place Cat Rescue, A Voice for All Paws, Home Rescue, Texas Little Cuties, Saving Hope, East Lake Pet Orphanage, Trophy Club Texas Animals, and Hearts of Life were among the ten animal rescue organizations that stepped in to help the shelter save the kittens.

“We’re used to a high intake,” Stephanie Ann, a volunteer at the Paris Animal Shelter, told. “But obviously something of this size is really difficult and creates panic.” “I realized we’d have to rely on social media to send these kitties to safety as quickly as possible.”

Thankfully, all 39 kittens were secure in foster homes within a few days of arriving at the shelter, and the shelter is grateful to everyone who stepped in to help. With each passing day, the kittens get more relaxed and lively. All of them will be available for adoption and will find beautiful permanent homes.

Watch the video below:

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A woman found a box in her backyard and was astonished… Watch the video to know what she did…
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