A fearsome Sphynx cat threatens his owner over FaceTime…

the Sphynx cat is famous for his unique knees in Los Angeles Many people believe his knees to be excessively attractive since they resemble human knees.

As a result, he becomes a worldwide internet celebrity recognized as the world’s darkest hairless cat with unmistakable human-like knees. He has a popular Instagram account called “The Dark Lord,” which has over 170.000 followers.

Dark Lord’s mother, Amanda Martinez, a professional dancer, released a video of him sitting in a unique stance on top of the fridge and staring down with a contemplative gaze last year. The video went viral rapidly, receiving roughly 763,000 views per day on Instagram. With his unusual knees and hypnotizing look, he took the Internet by storm.

Amanda Martinez had no idea Arlo would become a celebrity when she welcomed him into her house. “I never imagined that uploading a picture of the Lord’s gorgeous knees would cause such a stir,” she remarked.

His mother recently uploaded a creative video of Dark Lord’s anger when he was hungry and his mother was not present. He didn’t get any food, so he used FaceTime to contact his mother and threaten her. The video’s ingenious concept has captivated the Internet’s attention, and viewers can’t get enough of it.

Watch the video below:

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A fearsome Sphynx cat threatens his owner over FaceTime…
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