This cutie is officialy hired at the hospital thanks to his super skills…

Persistence can go a long way. A bewhiskered small face and a pleasant personality can help, too.

And, given that Elwood had all of these qualities and more, it’s no surprise that he was able to land a terrific job simply by showing up at a local hospital and doing his thing.

The lovely cat has been hanging around at a hospital in Richmond, Australia, for over a year, and has progressed from occasional visitor to permanent employee.

Nobody knows where Elwood came from or why he’s drawn to the hospital, but everyone says he’s a sweet but serious little boy who is determined to keep the hospital and everyone who works there safe and secure.

Elwood is usually snooping around the hospital, keeping an eye on things and making sure nothing is amiss.

He takes a break now and again to get some quick pats and cuddles, but his main concern is to ensure that nothing untoward is going on around the hospital.

Elwood has been officially “hired” by the hospital’s security team for his hard work and amazing dedication to hospital security: he’s been issued his own staff badge that matches those of his coworkers.

Elwood must be overjoyed that his laborious patrolling has been recognized and that he is now an official member of the security squad.

We’re confident both employees and patients feel extra safe and protected with this cool kitty on the job.

The hospital’s decision to hire a small kitty has received a lot of positive feedback.

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This cutie is officialy hired at the hospital thanks to his super skills…
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