A Pikachu or a rare animal?… Check out the photos to know more…

Pikachu is a cute and well-known figure from the renowned Pokémon franchise, in which cute small creatures known as Pokémon (derived from “pocket monsters”) combat each other and participate in various adventures.

Pokémon are adorable, and their designs are frequently unique. There’s no doubt that many of us have fantasized about what it would be like if Pokémon were real and not just cute cartoons at some point in our lives.

You’re in luck… sort of. If you’ve ever longed to see a Pokémon in person, you’re in luck.

Despite the fact that she is not a genuine Pokémon, this lovely little girl’s distinctive coloring has wowed the internet, with many people comparing her to the renowned Pickachu.

She is, after all, a golden brushtail possum!

After falling from her mother’s back and being left unprotected and alone, the little possum was rescued.

Fortunately, she was discovered and rescued by a good individual who took her to the Boronia Veterinary Clinic and Hospital in Victoria, Australia.

Golden brushtail possums are apparently just regular brushtail possums with yellow fur instead of brown.

The golden color is caused by a mutation that results in low quantities of melanin.

Brushtail possums can be brown, black, silver/grey, red, or yellow, despite the fact that brown is the most common color.

Unfortunately, the golden possum’s beautiful fur attracts predators, which is one of the reasons for their rarity.

This lucky little girl, on the other hand, was spared from all of that. After being rescued, she received all of the care, comfort, and protection she need, and she went on to live with a caretaker until it was time for her to be released into a wildlife preserve.

Many people have been pleased by the golden possum’s unusual beauty, which has brought smiles to countless faces, including ours.

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A Pikachu or a rare animal?… Check out the photos to know more…
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