“I’m not playing, leave me alone”… The hilarious video of baby hippo fighting with birds has gone viral…

When it comes to the same subject, we all have different reactions. It’s understandable because everyone has their own viewpoint. Guys, this also occurs in the realm of animals.

While a newborn elephant can’t wait to chase down and dance with a swarm of birds, this baby rhino is completely fascinated with them.

It turns out to be both hilarious and adorable. Continue to scroll!

A tiny group of oxpeckers scooped down on the young hippo’s back as it was playing alone. It only tolerated the birds for about 10 seconds before he demanded that they be removed. These oxpeckers, on the other hand, refused to leave. The amusing story started!

When the oxpeckers began pecking at the calf’s back, it cried for aid. It was frightened to death. It used every trick to frighten away unwelcome passengers. “I’m not joking. “Stay away from me, you guys.”

The hippo ran and twisted its body, but it was ineffective. It even pretended to run into the water to scare the birds away. Thankfully, the birds quickly abandoned their feeding attempts and flew away.

Oxpeckers and hippos, as you may know, usually have a mutually beneficial connection. By eating ticks and other parasites, these birds aid in the removal of ticks and other parasites from hippos.

This time, though, the newborn hippo does not accept them. It considers these birds to be bothersome pests and attempts to fend them off as quickly as possible.

Photographer Marc Mol recorded these amusing moments in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park. He was concentrated on a pod of hippos when he noticed the newborn hippo with the oxpeckers on its back rushing toward him.

“At first, I was perplexed as to what was going on, seeing this baby hippo sprinting towards me and the safety of the water, but then I discovered it was a little flock of Ox-peckers to blame.” “It was a lot of fun to watch,” Marc Mol stated.

“When I realized I had recorded something a little odd and yet quite humorous,” he added, “I had a good laugh.”

Marc’s images of the infant hippo became viral once he posted them on the internet. People pity the young animal, yet they can’t quit laughing. Its facial expressions are both genuine and amusing.

The oxpeckers are not greeted. That is all there is to it.

Watch the video below:

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“I’m not playing, leave me alone”… The hilarious video of baby hippo fighting with birds has gone viral…
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