This rescue cat, who works at a gym, practices rock climbing… Watch the video to see her amazing skills…

Cats are natural climbers and chasers, but Lalah, a kitten, has taken her skills to a whole new level.

Lalah was a stray kitten until she was rescued from the busy roads and adopted by the owners of Boulbaka Bouldering Gym in Naha, Okinawa, Japan.

“I chose to shelter her at the gym,” the facility’s owner, Mitsuru Goan, explained. “Since then, she’s become the manager of our facility, greeting visitors with ‘Meow!’ every day.”

Lalah adored seeing guests at the center scaling the wall when she was a kitten, according to Goan, and was captivated by the idea.

The sporty cat would frequently observe the climbers and imitate their movements. She even jumped on the shelves and climbed ropes and stepladders to stay in shape before attempting the rock wall.

With each passing day, the small cat grew larger and was able to reach higher up the wall. She decided it was time to try it when she felt more confident in her climbing abilities. She began to attempt genuine rock climbing and progressed to the top of the rock face.

“She gained the courage to try,” Goan explained. “Then she started touching the bouldering grips on the wall, attempting to get higher.”

Despite the fact that she is not rewarded for her climbing skills, people regularly gather to watch and cheer her on, which appears to be enough for her.

When Lalah isn’t practicing, she’s relaxing and attracting the attention of gym patrons. “You need to pay attention not to bring her home with you,” Mitsuru advised, referring to her habit of jumping into visitors’ bags to sleep.

“She still works out by climbing up the rope to the ceiling, which is about 16 feet high,” Goan said. “Perhaps she’s up for a new challenge.”

After being shared on social media, the video of Lalah has since gone viral.

Watch the video of Lalah climbing the rock wall here:

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This rescue cat, who works at a gym, practices rock climbing… Watch the video to see her amazing skills…
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