The student girl from Latvia rescues more than 300 cats in Europe, becuase…

Zanda Indriksone, a student from Latvia, a small European country, has rescued almost 350 stray cats. Zanda now saves animals on a daily basis and has motivated individuals all over the world to do the same. We’ve gathered some of the cutest and sweetest before and after cat rescue photographs.

Zanda Indriksone has been rescuing stray cats throughout Europe for the past two years.

It’s been dubbed her “passion” since she never abandons a homeless cat she meets.

Although she did not study animals in depth in high school or university, she gained knowledge about cats, their nature, and their health from personal experience.

She has rescued over 350 homeless and abandoned cats so far and has placed them in loving homes with the support of volunteers.

So, how can Zanda save all of these felines? The first thing she does when she encounters a stray kitty takes it to the vet to verify its health and age.

If the cat is in good health, it can be found a home in as little as half an hour.

One month is the longest a cat has spent with a foster household.

Fortunately, she is not alone in this endeavor, as volunteers have begun to assist and give temporary homes to animals.

The length of time a cat remains in a temporary home is determined by its health. “If the cat’s condition is good and the cat is healthy, there is a chance of finding a home within half an hour.”

This is more common throughout the summer. “The longest time a cat lived in a temporary home was around a month, but this was when the cat needed special attention,” Zanda says.

Zanda just joined the Cat Care Community, a cat welfare organization that builds wooden shelters for stray cats in Riga and other Latvian cities around Europe.

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