2 years after his disappearance, a woman discovers her cat on Facebook…

Meet Jimmy, a mischievous cat who has always been around. One of his favorite things to do was go on adventures outside, yet he would always return to his owners.

He didn’t return until one day.

Every day, the Zelitsky family desperately searched for their lost cat, placing missing cat posters across the area and hunting for their cherished pet.

However, to no avail. Sadly, the family began to fear that they would never see him again.

Something extraordinary happened 2,5 years later.

Zelitsky was on Facebook when she saw a post from the West Milford Animal Shelter about a stray cat that had been rescued from the streets… He even looked like Jimmy!

Sue was quick to respond to the ad and inquire about the cat’s situation. What had led them to him? What was his age?

She talked with the shelter and received information that made her even more hopeful and certain that the person they were looking for was Jimmy.

Later, Zelitsky brought her husband in to visit Jimmy, and Jimmy recognized and greeted him with the same warmth.

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that this was Jimmy, and that he had somehow managed to return home.

Jimmy is now 15 years old and overjoyed to be back with his family. When they returned home, the family dog recognized him and greeted him with open arms.

While Jimmy was away, the family’s two new kittens welcomed him with open arms. Everyone is surprised that Jimmy was discovered, and the family is overjoyed to have him back in their lives.

What a beautiful and touching reunion!

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2 years after his disappearance, a woman discovers her cat on Facebook…
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