This cat went from dying list to being the major of the building… Read on about his inspiring story below…

If you reside on the same floor as MushMush, a lovely ginger cat, you can expect a warm greeting as you exit the elevator!

The residents of this Bronx apartment building have dubbed MushMush the “Mayor of the Ninth Floor”!

MushMush’s owner, Despina Goanos, told The Huffington Post that he’s a nice cat who “started meowing every time he heard the elevator, so she decided to open the door and let him explore the corridor — only under her close supervision, of course.”

“He began greeting everybody and accompanying them along the corridor,” Goanos added. MushMush has also made a lot of new acquaintances.

Goanos described him as having a “very loving soul.” “He’s really lovable, extremely sociable, he loves everyone, and he believes he can make everyone adore him.”

When they have the opportunity, many of the residents take time out of their busy days to bring toys to MushMush!

For St. Patrick’s Day, a Goanos neighbor, who happens to be Irish, even brought the ginger cat a green bow tie.

Ironically, this sweet kitty almost never received the second opportunity at a happy life that every cat deserves. MushMush, formerly known as Samson, was surrendered to New York City Animal Care and Control in July when his owner died.

And because no one had shown up to adopt him for a while, he was placed on the “at risk for euthanasia list,” which is updated every day to encourage potential adopters to act quickly!

Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming came in to help. They are a well-known Bronx-based rescue organization. Fortunately, they were able to find MushMush a temporary foster home.

Magnificat was approached by Goanos, who expressed interest in adopting a new feline companion for herself! So she adopted MushMush and brought him to his new forever home, where he continues to be as mushy and cuddly with everyone that comes across his path.

MushMush also appears to be a little too infatuated with his own reflection, despite the fact that he simply loves everyone.

Goanos remarked, “He keeps trying to make friends with the red cat in the mirror.” “He’ll be… cooing to that other cat forever, and I don’t want to hear that in the middle of the night.” Goanos appears to have fixed the problem, at least temporarily, by covering the mirror with a bedsheet.

Obviously, not every cat has a permanently happy ending like MushMush.

“I wish more people would… adopt from shelters rather than pet businesses,” Goanos remarked.

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This cat went from dying list to being the major of the building… Read on about his inspiring story below…
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