The poor lovely cat was ignored in the shelter until his turn came…

Would you have wanted to adopt this cat if you had seen him in a shelter?

When his owner moved away, he and his sister were dropped up at the Happy Cats Haven shelter in Colorado Springs, CO.

He was actually “forgotten” at the shelter for months.

Then Dizzy, the cat, had a chance at a permanent home one day! Melanie mentioned that she and her husband Sal were fascinated after seeing Dizzy’s picture on Petfinder!

Melanie and Sal’s cat, Meatball, had lately passed away, and they were looking for a new addition to their family.

As a result, Dizzy was given the distinction.

Dizzy is a typical cat with the exception of a snaggle tooth and a missing eye.

Melanie saw that he was initially shy.

Dizzy and his sister, P2D2, were adopted by Melanie and Sal.

Dizzy’s veterinarian revealed that Dizzy was born with a deformed skull, one eye missing, and one nostril closed.

Melanie stated that he has a “crazy mode,” in which he circles clockwise as a tic. However, it should be emphasized that most cats do!

Dizzy now has a favorite toy: a banana catnip toy that he just adores catching when thrown.

Dizzy’s snaggle tooth fell out unexpectedly a few weeks ago.

What a sweet little kitten!

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The poor lovely cat was ignored in the shelter until his turn came…
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