The family was already accepting their cat’s death in the bushfire when all of a sudden she appreared…

Bushfires can occur at any time of year in Australia, thus Australians are used to them. This bushfire season, on the other hand, has been disastrous, and it is far from over. Bushfires, according to reports, have killed over one billion animals and wreaked havoc on humans, ecosystems, and the environment.

Hundreds of residents were forced to flee their homes in New South Wale’s Baga Valley as bushfires rushed through their neighborhoods and destroyed their homes.

Angel and Mickey, the family’s two beloved cats, fled into the wilderness and were never seen again when the family was evacuating. Ben and his family returned home after the fire was put out, but their animals were still gone.

The family yelled for the cats all the time and left food all over the house to attract them back. “We truly anticipated them to be back in 3-4 days if they survived,” Symonds added.

The family eventually acknowledged that they had lost everything in the bushfires, including their beloved pet cats, after several days of searching. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, Angel appeared.

“We had no idea who she was.” She was just sitting there looking at us, brown and orange, and sang and burned.”

Angel, the family’s beloved cat, had come home safely, and the family had been overjoyed. Their indoor cat made it seven days in the bush before returning home with only a wounded ear. Ben then took her to the vet to see if she had any further injuries. She was fortunate in that she did not get any life-threatening injuries.

“After we accepted her death, it’s an incredible feeling.” Ben commented on social media, alongside photos of his cat, “Her ears are the only things that truly got hurt, her paws aren’t even burnt, she’s happy and incredibly loving.”

“She appears to be ecstatic and adoring of the attention. “Now all I have to do is hope the other cat returns,” Ben added. Ben Symonds is a fortunate pet owner, and we hope Mickey, his cat, is safe and will return home soon.

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The family was already accepting their cat’s death in the bushfire when all of a sudden she appreared…
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