As a sign of gratitude for being adopted this abandoned cat chose a creative way to say “thank you”…

There are numerous ways to express thanks, and the most important thing is to choose the appropriate ones so that you can adjust to various situations.

However, some people, including animals, do not follow the rules since they have unique and creative ways of saying “thank you” and expressing their affection. And Snowball, the cat featured in this story, is one of them.

Snowball was a happy cat in his previous home until his owners had to relocate. They were unable to take him with them and had given him to A Mini Rescue. He was given a new home by caring foster parents, but he didn’t know what to make of them.

His foster family noticed how confused the poor cat was about why his folks had abandoned him with these strangers.

They attempted to make him as comfortable as possible by showering him with love and care.

Sadly, only two days after arriving in his foster home, the distressed cat broke through a window and ran away.

“We looked everywhere, contacted local officials and groups, but to no effect,” Snowball’s foster mother, Ryoko Komine, said.

“Snowball had vanished.”

Snowball’s foster family was devastated and in disbelief at what had occurred. The family began to believe that their lovely cat would not return home after searching in vain.

Thankfully, they found Snowball only half a mile from their house two months later. “Apparently, someone had heard a cat in distress,” Komine recalled, “but the animal had escaped and fallen into a drain.”

“The RSPCA was contacted, and they rescued him, scanned his microchip, and then contacted us.”

His foster family brought him to the vet right away because he was very unwell and things didn’t look good. Fortunately, Snowball began to improve, and he is now doing much better.

His foster family formally adopted him into their family, ensuring that he would never have to move again. Komine added, “He’s finally getting used to us and our other animals, and he’s really sweet.”

“When my clients are at my home salon, he always follows us about and loves to sit near the window.”

He’s grateful to his new family for their love and support during his hard rehabilitation, and he likes to express his gratitude to them. Snowball peed in the shape of a heart as a result, and she decided to interpret the heart as a beautiful sign.

“I believed it was his thank you letter when I saw this heart-shaped pee,” Komine explained.

Snowball now pees in the shape of a heart on a regular basis, which his family adores. He simply wants to express his gratitude to his family for everything they’ve done for him, including saving his life.

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As a sign of gratitude for being adopted this abandoned cat chose a creative way to say “thank you”…
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