The vet said there’s no way the kitty would do that… Check out the video to know more about this magic tranformation…

The vet repeatedly advised her that the kitten would not live, but she refused to give up.

Meet Kitty Babe, who has grown from a weak little runt to a gorgeous and robust fluffy cat!

“She was the smallest of the litter, fitting in the palm of my fairly tiny baby hands.” “I took her to the vet, and he said she wouldn’t make it through the night,” Kristel said.

“A vet tech friend recommended that I acquire a kitten bottle and formula and feed her myself. It took exactly as much effort as caring for my newborn.

Feeding her every two hours (which she fought with), rubbing her buttocks to get her to poop (something I never had to do with a human newborn), and keeping her clean and comfortable.”

“At this stage, she could drag herself for a few minutes before becoming exhausted, but she still struggled to drink the bottle, and pooping was extremely difficult for her and caused her to scream. My heart was broken. “I phoned a veterinarian again, and was instructed to give up,” she continued.

Kristel, on the other hand, refused to let go, and things began to improve.

“At long last, she learned to stand on her own two feet!” She doesn’t yet have the appearance of a cat, but she enjoys being rubbed on the chin and can walk for a little longer.”

She did ultimately learn to walk.

“Her fur is still patchy, but it has begun to fill in significantly… Her kitten siblings weighed in at roughly 3 pounds each.

On the other hand, the runt kitten was still being measured in ounces. She wouldn’t gain a pound until a few months after this photograph.”

She spends most of her time sleeping in my lap and sobs when I move her to her heating pad bed.”

Kitty Babe gradually gained the weight she required.

“She’s still underweight and has a strange appearance… She stayed that way for a long time, but gradually gained weight and started eating wet kitten food with a lot of coaxing and baths, because she tended to simply jump into the food bowl and roll about in it, presumably absorbing the nutrients through her skin.”

She’s completely grown up now!

“She has developed into a silky, fluffy cat.” She’s still little for a full-grown cat (just slightly larger than a typical kitten at 8 or 9 weeks), but she’s perfectly healthy! She enjoys lying in the sun…

Her ears have odd cellular antennas tufts and she has a bushy fox-like tail. She also tries to curl up on and around my face all the time.”

Sometimes all you need is someone who believes in you and will never abandon you.

Watch the video below:

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The vet said there’s no way the kitty would do that… Check out the video to know more about this magic tranformation…
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