A cat was looking for a kind person to help her in a very special situation…

This is the story of a pregnant cat who pulled off an amazing achievement. She didn’t want to bring her kittens into the world without some support, so he enlisted the help of one lucky family.

Joanne related the following story:

“This lovely blue-eyed Siamese lynx cross used to come by my house on a regular basis over a year ago. We began feeding her on a regular basis. She would meet us in front of our garage every morning and run halfway down the back lane alongside our car as we went home.

When she first started coming around, I took this picture. She was really frail.

While we were at work or out running errands, she would wait for hours. She thanked us by waiting for us with a dead mouse in front of our garage one day.

She dropped the mouse when she saw us and had a pleased expression on her face when we politely took her gift.

She settled in the house a few days after we took her in.

When the temperature began to drop, we decided to bring her in. Where we reside, winter arrives quickly. We’ve seen her tummy getting bigger after a few weeks.

We brought her in, and the vet told us she’d be ready to give birth in a few weeks, and she was already pregnant when we officially adopted her.

We were constantly taught that she chose us to assist her in bringing her children into the world safely and warmly.

All of her kittens have found homes, and this lovely girl, who was once an abandoned stray and is now affectionately known as Annie, is now a member of our family.”

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A cat was looking for a kind person to help her in a very special situation…
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