In this story, the rescue became the rescuer and it cannot have a better ending than that…

This has to be one of the most incredible rescue stories that has lasted a long time.

The rescue took place in December, when a factory worker informed Edgar’s Mission — an Australian farm sanctuary that loves and cares for over 250 animals – about some abandoned kittens in a warehouse.

They saved four kittens, and despite the fact that one didn’t make it and was already in the trash, they couldn’t leave him behind, so they took him as well.

The kittens were transported to the refuge in order to receive the care they required.

The mother was not present at the time of the rescue, but later that night, after receiving another call from a factory worker who had seen her, the rescuers returned and picked her up.

The kittens and their mother were reunited.

“Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten,” Edgar’s Mission (and anybody who has ever seen Disney’s Lilo & Stitch) sensibly explains. The footage of their rescue and reunion with their mother may be found here. It’s just incredible!

The story isn’t over yet. One of the Ohana cats, as they’re known around the refuge, became a rescuer in her own unique manner. Stitch is a vet nurse at the hospital, and she’s a really good one. It never ceases to surprise me how effortlessly rescue animals sense the need to care for other creatures and know exactly how to do so.

Especially those who had a particularly tough condition and required a long time to recover.

Stitch and her brothers (Lilo, Leilani, and Makamae) were lavished with affection and care in order for them to be healthy.

Their eyes were particularly difficult to cure because they were all lacking their upper eyelids.

This is known as ocular agenesis, and it is a painful condition that necessitates continual attention. They all made it through, though. They are still living in Edgar’s Mission and are content there.

At the refuge, Stitch did more than just live blissfully. She returned the favor to others.

She now devotes her time and devotion to rescuing animals in distress. Edgar’s Mission members regard her as the sweetest, friendliest, and the most unassuming creature they have ever met. Before going to bed, she checks on all of the animals and gives them kisses and purrs.

That’s a fantastic nurse!

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In this story, the rescue became the rescuer and it cannot have a better ending than that…
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