The doggy and the cat are having funny adventures together…

Meet the cat and Pug duo who have gone on so many adventures together that it’s become their way of life!

Pug Bandito and kitten Luigi have visited a variety of locales in Spain, and the results are spectacular. Sebastien and Finn, the owners, said they prepared the dogs for their journey by introducing them to a doggy stroller and a tent, which they set up in their living room.

After three weeks, the animals had grown accustomed to camping and were ready to embark on their first adventure.

They began their journey closer to home in Barcelona, but ultimately moved to several national parks further away, and even finished the 497-mile Camino de Santiago walk in six weeks.

The animals are well cared for on these excursions, according to their owners, who stop to ensure Luigi and Bandito are always well-rested.

“We knew we’d turn back if it became unpleasant or harsh on kids; they’re our top focus the whole way,” Sebastien explains, “along with walking roughly 20km (12 miles) a day.”

If one of the animals is terrified by something while on their trips, they immediately return back to the tent.

The trio now resides in Marbella, and their exploits may be followed on Instagram, where they have a following of 26, 000 people.

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The doggy and the cat are having funny adventures together…
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