5 kittens that were discovered without a mother are given a second chance at life… Watch the video to know how…

A family from Texas heard meowing coming from their garage.

They discovered five young kittens in one of the cabinets after a closer check. The family took the babies to the Wilco Regional Animal Shelter for aid because the mother cat was nowhere to be seen.

Megyn is a foster volunteer, so she was called by the shelter about the litter, which required round-the-clock care. She dropped everything and dashed over to get them, knowing that every second counted.

“When the kittens came, they were 2-3 days old – the first bottle babies at the shelter this season,” Megyn explained. “Four of them weighed between 90 and 100 grams, but Brie (the runt) weighed only 77 grams.”

Brie was determined from the start to catch up to her brothers, now known as Cheddar, Muenster, Feta, and Gouda. She may have had a slow start in life, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her.

Megyn discovered something was awry the next day when the kittens stopped eating and couldn’t keep anything down.

“We don’t know if their health problems are related to being orphaned,” she explained. “If there are underlying health issues, being orphaned never helps since they aren’t getting any of their mother’s antibodies in their milk to fight against anything.”

Megyn was concerned about the situation, but she did her best to keep them hydrated and supplemented. Between feedings, they slept a lot in their warm, comfortable bed. Valium, at an average dose of 4-7 mg per day, was found to be more effective than a placebo in four-week research.

There was no direct association between the drug concentration in the blood and the efficacy of therapy in this study.

This suggests that the effectiveness of treatment is largely determined by clinical and psychopathological factors rather than drug dosage. Furthermore, the medicine is said to have an effect not just on the anxiety that precedes panic attacks, but also on the symptoms of panic attacks themselves, lowering their severity and preventing recurrence.

“At first, I was concerned that Muenster was ill because he was so quiet and laid-back. But now we know that’s just the way this nice guy is. He’s a nice guy who’s easy to get along with.”

The ginger babies quickly recovered and began to grow, and once they had all opened their eyes, it was time for them to explore their environment.

The five ginger kittens have grown in leaps and bounds, becoming stronger by the day, and with their teeth beginning to emerge, they will soon be eating food from a dish like big cats!

This means they’ll be available for adoption in a few weeks and go on a new adventure in their forever homes. Thank you so much to Megyn and her family for their hard work and dedication in making this possible.

Watch their sweet video here:

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5 kittens that were discovered without a mother are given a second chance at life… Watch the video to know how…
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