An abandoned kitten was on the verge of death… You won’t believe what a huge transformation she made…

An 8-month-old kitten was found abandoned outside, left to fend for himself in the cold.

He has made a full recovery thanks to the generosity and affection of his rescuers and new home and is now a very healthy and happy cat.

Clayton Avenue was the moniker given to Little Clayton after the street where he was discovered.

Little Wanderers NYC, a foster-based rescue organization, hurried to save him and take him to the vet.

Clayton suffered “hypothermia, a horrible upper respiratory infection, and sores on his tongue,” according to his rescuers.

He was on the verge of death when rescued, but was brought back to life within hours.”

He had to be fed through a feeding tube since he developed esophagitis and ulcers.

Clayton has a nice attitude despite his many disabilities.

“Through it all, he played and purred.” His rescuers described him as “the loveliest boy ever.”

Clayton went home with foster mom Rebeccah, who volunteers for the rescue group, once he was healthy enough.

Clayton’s treatments were continued with particular care by Rebeccah until he was ready to eat properly again.

His mood improved now that he could eat on his own!

“He was more animated, brighter, and talkative.” Rebeccah remarked, “His purrs were so loud, almost grateful.” “He was consuming 2.5 cans a day and had nearly forgotten he was sick,”.

Rebeccah only intended to foster Clayton until he could find a permanent family.

But by the time he fully recovered, she had grown to love him as if he were her own child. So she finalized the adoption!

Clayton has matured beautifully over the last three years.

Every foster animal that comes into their care now sees him as a big brother!

Clayton, Rebeccah said, reminds her why she fosters.

“I can’t bear the thought that there are other kids like him who don’t have anywhere to go.” “I’m very fortunate to have him,” she remarked.

“I usually tell folks that medical fosters are the best,” says the author. People desire a perfect pet, but the quirky ones are the ones who are perfect.”

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An abandoned kitten was on the verge of death… You won’t believe what a huge transformation she made…
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