The cat still doesn’t figure out why the baby uses his baby bounce…

Some cats require cuddling as much as they require oxygen, while others simply require space.

Flynn, the cat featured in this piece, is an illustration of this because he dislikes snuggling and cuddling with his humans. When Flynn learned that his mother was expecting a child, he became extremely protective and cuddly.

Flynn’s mom, Rachel Franzen, said, “He started following me around the house.”

When Franzen brought her kid Rory home and presented him to Flynn, he was immediately smitten by his new baby brother. He adores his new baby brother, especially all of Rory’s exciting new toys.

When Flynn first spotted the new baby bouncer, he was overjoyed and assumed it was his. Flynn, on the other hand, didn’t seem to notice that the plush chair wasn’t suited for him.

“Every morning, Flynn is in the bouncer,” Franzen added. “I’m sure he thinks it’s his.” He’ll sit in it and roll around upside down, begging for his tummy to be rubbed. It’s where he sleeps after breakfast.”

Flynn has already set up camp in the bouncer when Franzen is ready to put Rory in it. But, surprisingly, Flynn didn’t seem frightened or fazed by Rory snuggling up next to him. He was probably just perplexed as to why Rory kept attempting to sit in his chair.

It was obvious that this was his favorite chair.

Fortunately, Flynn adores Rory and is ready to share, so they stayed curled up until it was time to move on. “Because Flynn adores Rory, he licked Rory’s hand before grooming himself,” Franzen explained.

We adore their friendship, and we anticipate many more snuggle sessions in the bouncer chair in the future.

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The cat still doesn’t figure out why the baby uses his baby bounce…
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