If it wasn’t for the dog, the grumpy scared cat wouldn’t transform into…

Meet Betty, a shy Siamese kitten that hissed and retreated into a corner when approached by others.

She was found as a stray and was having trouble finding an adoptive home at Jelly’s Place in San Pablo, California.

“They said, “You better come here and take a look at this wild animal,” Kendal Benken, one of the shelter’s most experienced feral kitten whisperers said.

Benken has tamed even the most ferocious kittens and has a lot of experience helping distraught rescued animals at the shelter feel at ease.

After getting a closer look at Betty, she realized she wasn’t actually that terrifying, but rather that she was terrified.

“No one was able to touch her.” She was quite enraged. She was a tiny little demon. “It was a frightening reaction,” she says.

“She had most likely never been handled before.” She was abrasive in her demeanor. She was hissing and hissing and hissing and hissing and his “However, she was adorable.”

Betty would only allow anyone to carry her if she was wrapped in a towel, so Benken wrapped her up and carried her home.

You could see Betty wasn’t happy when she first arrived at Benken’s house; she was still grouchy, but Benken had optimism.

“I put her in a large dog kennel with food, water, and a litter box,” said the owner. She was unable to flee and hide.”

“For feral kittens, forcing them out of their comfort zone and placing them in a busy part of your house is the best thing you can do.”

Soon after, the other of Benkens’ rescue animals arrived to meet Betty, and it was clear that the dogs were fascinated by their new family member.

Betty’s poor attitude seemed to fascinate them more, and they would often swarm around her in an attempt to make her feel at ease.

Truvy, a yellow lab who was known for adoring foster kittens, went above and beyond to aid Betty out of Benken’s foster family of animals.

“Truvy possesses a unique talent. She is drawn to rescue missions. I believe she considers herself to be a mother cat. Betty piqued Truvy’s interest.”

Betty gradually grew accustomed to her new family as the days passed, and two weeks later, she appeared to be enjoying her new home.

Then, when Betty befriended Truvy, the true breakthrough happened.

“Betty simply crawled atop Truvy, made herself at home, and refused to move.” Betty was on Truvy’s tail, so she was scared to move. “It was the loveliest thing,” she says.

“Truvy was overjoyed that Betty had finally returned her feelings.”

Benkens’ duty was complete now that Betty had turned into a sweet, social kitten, and she was ready for adoption, and she didn’t take long to find a suitor.

“When I chatted with Roz, I knew she was the one for Betty. “I wanted her to go to someone who would treat her so nicely because she’s such a wonderful kitty,” Benken said.

Roz told, “It was serendipity.” “When she emailed me the photo of Betty on top of the dog, I said to myself, ‘How could I not adopt her?'”

“I assumed she was terrified.” I maintained her in a safe atmosphere and gradually broadened it, allowing her to tell me what she wanted to do.”

Betty is now a pleasant, happy cat who has formed a friendship with Amber, another rescue cat.

“I think having animals around is amazing.” “It’s a delight,” Roz added. “They adore each other as well.”

It’s as though they were meant for each other. Betty, on the other hand, sleeps in my bed; she cuddles, and she’s such a sweet little cat. “She’s stunning.”

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If it wasn’t for the dog, the grumpy scared cat wouldn’t transform into…
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