An ex stray cat takes on a special heart-warming mission for kittens as an appreciation…

Holly and her family got Rigby from an Oklahoma shelter six years ago. They decided it was time for Canon, their family cat, to have some feline companionship.

She chose to become a foster parent for orphan kittens a year later, but she had no idea that Rigby would take on a significant role in their care.

It all started when Rigby went to the room where all of the foster kittens were hanging out, and they all ended up snuggling together.

He then combed all of the kittens from head to toe before spending the rest of the day with them.

When Rigby realized that this was a regular occurrence, he began to act as a surrogate parent for the incoming foster children.

He took care of them as best he could, lavishing love on them.

“He’ll lay quiet when I drape bottles over his body and nurse the orphans when the babies don’t have a mother. They have the sensation of nursing. He’ll even help them pee on occasion “Holly clarified

This adorable ex-stray cat was clearly smart and intuitively knew exactly what the kittens required.

Even when the entire family arrived, including the mother cat, Rigby knew precisely what to do and made sure the mother cat had plenty of room.

Rigby understands when the kittens are old enough to play, and he’s even naughty enough to take their kitten food.

“I’m able to test any foster cat on him to see if they’d accept another cat or not,” Holly says of his assistance in caring for all of the kittens.

Rigby is adored by the kittens, who appreciate the additional attention from their best friend. They enjoy wrangling with his tail and ears until they are all exhausted and safely tucked next to him.

Similarly, Rigby likes his important duty as a chief babysitter and finds great joy simply being in their company.

He is a genuinely remarkable feline.

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An ex stray cat takes on a special heart-warming mission for kittens as an appreciation…
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