This abandoned kitty’s life story is an alarm that fleas can be too dangerous for cat’s life… Read on his experience below…

Bow, an eight-week-old kitten, was discovered abandoned, cold, and on the verge of death in someone’s garden.

He appeared exhausted and weak, so a member of the public tried to cheer him up by giving him food and drink.

Bow, on the other hand, became even more lethargic after a few days and was unable to eat or drink anything that was given to him.

Mayhew Animal Home was able to send out employees to fetch him when the person who spotted him contacted them.

They discovered the cause of the kitten’s lack of energy when they brought him into the shelter: he was completely covered in fleas.

Fleas aren’t a significant worry for most cats and dogs, but when a young animal gets them, it’s a danger of developing major complications like anemia and heart problems.

Bow, whose flea problem had left him critically anemic and on the verge of death, was in this situation.

Because of the blood loss, the kitten had acquired a heart murmur and was infected with cat flu. Vets diagnosed him with conjunctivitis because he was squinting and had a thick green discharge around his eye.

Bow would have died alone and afraid if he hadn’t been taken in.

Bow was thankfully kept in the vet clinic for flea treatment, an injured eye, and possible cat illness.

Bow’s condition began to improve after receiving treatment and a lot of attention.

The kitty seems calm and sociable with humans, allowing himself to be handled, indicating that he had regular human interaction prior to being discovered. That suggests, rather than being born feral, he was likely cared for by someone before being lost or abandoned.

“We don’t know why or how Bow became stuck, but we are so grateful that we were able to save him and help him recover before it was too late,” said Mayhew staff.

Bow’s experience is being shared by the center as a reminder of the serious health hazards that fleas pose.

“If left untreated, fleas can cause serious health problems, especially in young kittens like Bow,” they said. A high flea burden might induce a reduction in blood flow, which can lead to severe complications. Fleas also transmit worm eggs, which migrate to the stomach and cause digestive problems.

“To reduce the danger of your cat or kitten contracting fleas, our veterinarians recommend performing regular checks on both the animal and its environment, looking for fleas in locations like garden sheds and garages.”

“Regular preventative care and prompt treatment if fleas are discovered will greatly lessen the danger of your pet being infested again.”

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This abandoned kitty’s life story is an alarm that fleas can be too dangerous for cat’s life… Read on his experience below…
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