A baby goat tries to headbutt the cat, and it turns into a hilarious video…

Cats have a reputation for being aloof and aloof. As a result, they are always the most entertaining when it comes to mingling with other animals.

So when a video of a small goat attempting to headbutt a cat surfaced on social media, it drew a lot of attention and quickly went viral.

The goat repeatedly attempted to headbutt his feline pal, which was captured on tape. We can see that the cat is annoyed, but he continues to act normally.

When the cat’s patience runs out, she gives the goat a humorous little warning nip to show him who’s the true boss in the house. The poor little goat ultimately decided to give up at this point.

Lavender 23 published the video on YouTube, and it has now received over 4.6 million views from individuals all across the world.

People have made comments to express their feelings about the video and their admiration for it.

“Goat was clearly under-leveled for this encounter; his tactics could be a lot better, and he could spend some skill points in attack.” It’s most likely a newcomer.”

“It’s cool seeing the goat try to play with his goat etiquette, which any other goat would understand,” one person wrote, “but this cat is just like ‘what is this creature doing in my house and why does it keep bouncing like that?'”

Watch the hilarious video below:

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A baby goat tries to headbutt the cat, and it turns into a hilarious video…
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