The cat with long neck is partly a giraffe, or a llama, or…? Check out the unusual cats of the shelter below…

Olivia is in desperate need of a home. And she’ll be waiting for you at the Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control Friends.

Don’t be surprised if she crans her extremely long neck to get a better look at you when you see her.


Because Oliva is “half domestic short-haired cat, part…giraffe? Llama?” according to the shelter.

And no, the image isn’t edited in any way. It’s all Oliva’s neck!

The Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control is a group of volunteers who help the Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control shelter by caring for animals and generating cash. These selfless volunteers go deep into their hearts and pockets to satisfy demands that county budgets cannot meet.

Olivia the cat is just one of the numerous animals who find love with the AACACC Friends.

Among the volunteers, the white and grey tabby cat has acquired a lot of friends. She’s roughly 4 years old and arrived at the shelter as a stray, with no known history. Oliva is undoubtedly a looker, with her unusually long neck and large green eyes.

Her purrrsonality only adds to her adorability.

Olivia is an inquisitive young lady who volunteers describe as “very affectionate.” The adorable cat is also gregarious, performing “exceptionally well in the watching room.”

She, too, is looking for her everlasting home! If you live in or around Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and want to adopt a cat, Olivia might be the cat for you!

Olivia isn’t the only one-of-a-kind cat who has found a forever home through animal rescue.

Toby the cat has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and has a wrinkly face that is simply adorable. But he and his parents are doing more than being beautiful; they’re also raising awareness about special needs cats and spearheading a petition to make animal abuse content on Facebook and Instagram illegal.

Toby was rescued from the RSPCA in England and adopted.

The Neblung cat in Belarus has a disorder known as strabismus. It’s the cause of his squinted eyes.

His distinct appearance brings attention to his Instagram profile, where admirers can purchase Belarus stuff that benefits animal rescue organizations. He was rescued from San Francisco Animal Care & Control and adopted.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat was a stray kitten when he was born. The Humane Society of Silicon Valley, on the other hand, rescued him from the wild and prepared him with a forever family.

Though it was difficult to gain the trust of the mustachioed kitten, it was well worth the effort. Hamilton and his family work tirelessly to spread the word about adoption and rescue.

These four animals, along with other rescue cats from throughout the world, demonstrate that all cats are unique and that every kitty matters.

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The cat with long neck is partly a giraffe, or a llama, or…? Check out the unusual cats of the shelter below…
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