A woman mistakenly turns her cat yellow while trying to help her…

You’re mistaken if you assume this is a picture of a bright yellow cat. Continue reading to learn how it happened.

Thammapa Supamas, a Thai cat owner, posted some images of her cat on social media that perplexed everyone. The post went viral rapidly, with thousands of shares, likes, and comments from people all around the world.

This poor cat had a fungal infection, as it turned out. Supamas utilized turmeric, Indian spice, and medicinal herb used to heal diseases, to cure the ringworm, and colored the cat yellow in the process.

Supamas expressed concern about her cat’s condition in an interview with Bored Panda. She did everything she could think of to get rid of the ringworm, but nothing worked. That’s when she went to her mother for advice, and she was told to utilize turmeric. She didn’t just cover the damaged area, though; she coated the entire cat.

“My cat Ka-Pwong got ringworm, and we tried everything to get rid of it, but it didn’t work.” That’s when my mum came up with the notion to use turmeric. “At first, she only painted the ringworm, but because there was so much leftover, she decided to paint the entire body to avoid future mycoses,” Supamas explained.

The turmeric scrub seems to be effective, and the feline’s painful paws are beginning to heal. Unfortunately, it affected Ka-color Pwong’s and transformed her into a Pikachu-like creature.

Furthermore, the distinct hue was difficult to remove because it would not wash off.

Although the outcomes aren’t precisely what Supamas planned, you have to admit that they’re fairly cute.

Supamas even used photo editing software to make her cat look even more like Pikachu.

“It’s possible that my cat isn’t even aware that it’s becoming yellow right now.” “Now the cat is happy and eats as much as it used to,” Supamas remarked.

Turmeric has been shown to diminish the signs of aging and inflammation. Although it reduced itching and prevented licking of the wound, we believe it should not be repeated without first consulting a veterinarian.

Supamas is hoping for the color to disappear and her cat’s fur to alter. “I’m hoping the fungus is cured, but I’m still hoping my cat turns white.”

Before and after the turmeric scrub, here’s how the cat looked.

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A woman mistakenly turns her cat yellow while trying to help her…
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