A lovely story of a cat who is always smiling after…

Despite having faced countless challenges in the past, Tulip, the 10-month-old tuxedo kitten still greets each day with the sweetest smile.

Tulip was discovered as a stray cat on the streets of Ontario, Canada, at the age of roughly two weeks. She had an eye infection and was in serious need of medical attention. When the rescuer took a picture of her for their website, she still smiled at the camera. And the kitten had no idea the photo would help her find a forever home.

Jenn and Chris were looking for a companion for their cat Pinecone when they came across Tulip’s photo in an advertisement with a charming smile. Jenn explained, “Her smile in her small advertisement picture attracted us in straight immediately.”

The pair was authorized to adopt the kitten after submitting an application. They were taken aback when they went to meet her since the kitten was still smiling in the shelter. Their bond was immediate. “We fell in love with both her beauty and her attitude the second we met her in person,” Jenn said.

“At first, we thought it was simply a one-time event in her commercial,” Jenn explained, “but after we got her home and started taking endless images of her, we realized it was a permanent thing.” “She always has a smile on her face, and it never gets old.”

Tulip and their cat Pinecone hit it off right away when they were introduced. Tulip is now healthy and transforms into a stunning tuxedo girl. Tulip considers every day to be a happy day worthy of a smile. Tulip has a constant smile on her face, which brightens the room for everyone in it.

“She’s a constant reminder that, no matter how tough things appear at the time, things always turn around and become better,” Jenn added. “Imagining our lives without her smile is difficult. She has brought so much joy into our lives and into our family.”

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A lovely story of a cat who is always smiling after…
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