This cat’s life is a total miracle… Watch her story in the video below…

Skye is without a doubt one of the most amazing wild rescues we’ve ever featured! Her metamorphosis from wild to loving house kitten is astounding, and she reminds us that every life is worth rescuing!

When Skye was trapped and rescued, she was a stray cat living in the woods. Her rescuers tried to reassure her that she would be taken care of, but she was terrified.

She was discovered to be pregnant and nearly blind when she arrived at Tiny Kittens HQ.

Skye began to trust her rescuers a bit more each day, thanks to love and patience.

She developed a strong preference for sitting in sinks.

Skye went into labor just as things were looking up for her. She needed to be transported to the veterinarian and undergo an emergency c-section.

Against all odds, four tiny miracles appeared.

Skye’s terrible journey appeared to be coming to an end, but Skye’s difficult journey was far from over.

She was discovered comatose on the floor 7 weeks after giving birth. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure after being brought back to the vet.

“Because they had never heard of a cat as sick as Skye being adopted out, ER veterinarians suggested euthanasia. We were adamant about not giving up on her since she deserved a shot “Tiny Kittens filed a report.

Skye had already conquered so much that her rescuers continued to battle for her. They knew it would be practically difficult for her to find a home (her kittens had already been adopted), so they chose to make her as happy and comfortable as possible while keeping a watchful eye on her health.

Then something miraculous happened!

Skye’s story drew the attention of a great woman named Kari, who fell in love with her. Skye was adopted by Kari, and she is now a spoiled princess who is surrounded by love, comfort, and the best medical care for as long as she has left.

Skye has been lavishly pampered, and the calico deservingly so!

She’s in love with her new place.

She’s come a long way, but she’s finally in her forever home, surrounded by all the love she could ever want.
She is living proof that if given the chance, feral cats can live fabulously happy lives.

Skye was deserving of preservation.

Watch her story in the video below:

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This cat’s life is a total miracle… Watch her story in the video below…
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