The ginger cutie is an internet influencer, but not an ordinary one…

Meet Fat Xiang or Fat “Lucky Guy”, a red tabby munchkin who has been going viral recently for his nearly constant state of sleep in adorable and silly ways only cats can do.

Fat Xiang was a stray cat that was rescued and adopted by his current owner, Jessie, a Taiwanese dentist, in 2016. He was found injured on the streets after a struggle with some other strays.

“I adopted Xiang in 2016,” his owner Jessie said in an interview with Bored Panda.

He was a stray cat who was well-liked by all of his neighbors. Unfortunately, he was frequently injured by other stray cats who fought with him, and he was small and weak to protect himself. As a result, I adopted him,” Jessie explained.

The adorable ginger cat has been dubbed “the sleepy influencer” since he loves to snooze so much. Because he has 29,000 Facebook fans, he was given this nickname.

The munchkin appears to be able to sleep at any time and in any place. Despite the fact that he sleeps for the majority of the day, he is always fatigued.

Jessie brought him to the clinic because of this, and he was diagnosed with FIV, the feline counterpart of HIV.

“He sleeps for 16 to 20 hours a day.” Even while Xiang is sleeping, I can clip his nails. “I was worried whether he was unwell, so I took him to the clinic,” Jessie explained.

“Apart from his FIV, the vet checked his blood and X-ray and declared everything was normal. He thinks Xiang is sleeping a lot more now because he was so terrified on the street.”

Xiang currently lives happily in Taiwan with his owner and another cat named Shuai (which means “beautiful”).

“FIV makes it easy for Xiang to develop things like the flu, rhinitis, and ocular inflammation,” he explained.

However, he continues to enjoy his life with Shuai and us. He’s always playing with Shuai, and it’s amusing to see him fight with Shuai because Xiang’s legs are shorter.”

“I hope he is joyful and vibrant, so their fan page is called “Run! Xiang.” Fans used to tease me about being a liar since Xiang was usually napping instead of exercising.”

When asked if he was afraid of adopting cats with FIV and other risk factors, such as old age, Jessie said, “I’m not afraid of adopting cats with FIV and other risk factors.”

“I believe that life and death are normal in animals; they will all die at some point – but if we can provide them with a loving environment and allow them to leave us in that comfort, I can endure it.”

“The big difference between humans and other animals is that, whether it’s financial or emotional frustration, there will always be possibilities, choices, and things will gradually improve for us humans,” he concluded.

The owner, on the other hand, is the animal’s entire world.”

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The ginger cutie is an internet influencer, but not an ordinary one…
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