Due to a rare neurological condition, a Sphynx cat resembles a bat…

Lucy, an attractive cat with an enormous head and hairless dark skin that makes her look like a cute bat, has amassed a large social media following.

Lucy is a one-year-old Sphynx that now lives in Haifa, Israel, with her owner Zilla Bergamini. Hydrocephalus, an uncommon disorder in which fluid builds up in the skull and causes the brain to expand, was identified at delivery.

Bergamini fell in love with Lucy the special needs cat the first time she met her. Despite the fact that raising and caring for Lucy was challenging, Bergamini opted to adopt her.

Bergamini stated, “I fell in love at first sight.” “I started researching everything I could about hydrocephalus and its various manifestations. I looked for the top veterinary neurological clinic in the country, and I’ve already started building up a fund to cover the cost of her operation or medicine, if necessary.”

Lucy hadn’t evacuated her bowels in the first few days with her new family and was frequently crying. Bergamini rushed the cat to the vet, who had been caring for her since the beginning. Lucy was treated and her stomach difficulties were under control after a few visits to the veterinarian. Her eyes were also repaired, and she no longer requires eye drops.

“She was basically leaking excrement 24 hours a day, seven days a week for more than two weeks,” Bergamini added. “I was usually holding her and putting her to sleep in a little baby diaper.”

Lucy and her owner built a particular and profound friendship throughout this tough time. The adorable girl was brought back to health thanks to her loving and caring owner. Bergamini is overjoyed because her cute batgirl is thriving.

Despite her disabilities, Lucy is now living her best life. After her owner built an Instagram page where followers may follow her everyday activities, she immediately became a true Instagram star.

“Some people say she’s too ugly to be a pet because of her oddly shaped head and peculiar eyes,” Bergamini remarked. “One of her biggest fans admitted to me that the first time she saw her, she had really negative ideas about her.”

“Like humans, pets can have limitations yet live happy lives, and they can provide as much, if not more, love than any other pet,” Bergamini added.

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Due to a rare neurological condition, a Sphynx cat resembles a bat…
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