The statue of the most loyal Hachiko had the most loyal cat friend… Watch the sweet video for more details…

Hachiko, the devoted Akita, is well-known throughout Japan. Hachiko was a treasured pet of a professor who taught at the University of Tokyo in 1924, according to legend. When the professor left for class each day, the sweet dog would accompany him to the railway station and patiently await his return.

However, while at work one day, the professor suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and never returned home.

Every day for the following nine years, Hachiko waited for his guardian to return home at this identical station! His amazing love and devotion to his human remained unwavering till the day he died. Hachiko’s dedication was recognized with the erection of a statue in his honor.

Although the Hachiko monument is located in a high-traffic location of Shibuya railway station, he is likely to be lonely during off-hours. Fortunately, a new feline companion just “showed up” to keep him company while the commuters are at work!

For quite some time, this cat has been keeping Hachiko companionship every day.

Every day, the cat is said to come to sit beside Hachiko’s statue. The beautiful feline is exceedingly adorable and is believed to be extremely friendly, capturing the attention of both tourists and Shibuya locals!

The cat’s shiny coat and many trendy scarves have led many to believe it is not a stray, but no guardian has yet to come forward.

The cat, like the dog, has gathered a following of admirers.

Because of the cat’s attractive beauty and secretive demeanor, he may one day be immortalized as a statue! The Hachiko statue, we believe, would enjoy the company.

Friends come in various forms and sizes, as the saying goes. After many years of Hachiko’s devotion to his lord, it is heartening to know that his monument now has a companion who will be just as loyal and true in return.

Even today, the cat continues to frequent the location.

Here’s where you can see Hachiko the Cat in action:

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The statue of the most loyal Hachiko had the most loyal cat friend… Watch the sweet video for more details…
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