From a feral life to a good one thanks to…

With no mother, a feral calico kitten and her ginger brother were discovered. They were terrified and hid in the bushes, preferring not to come into contact with humans. They can’t get enough affection now, just a few months later.

Luna, along with her brother Neville, was rescued as a feral.

“Luna Lovegood, a kitten named after a character from the Harry Potter series, is no stranger to bad living conditions.

Luna and her brother, Neville Longbottom, were spotted in the bushes between a Vancouver costume store and a construction site, like the boy wizard who lived in a cupboard under the stairs,” Tania Hennessy, a VOKRA foster and Vancouver-based artist specializing in cat and kitten photography, told the fine folks.

She was just a grouchy little feral kitty when they found her. The kittens have been exposed to the myriad perils that homeless animals confront at just two months old.

Watts Costume Rentals employees noticed the feral kittens and alerted the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA).

Luna and Neville were given medical attention, flea eradication, and a lot of bathing before being placed in a serendipitous foster home.”

Tania took the kittens into her foster home and began taming them one step at a time.

“They were young enough to be controlled and gradually came around,” she recalled, “even if they exhibited their severe dissatisfaction at first.”

And what a beauty she’d turned into in just a few months!

She and her brother have found each other and have found their everlasting loving home!

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