Twelve caged kittens were found abandoned and shivering in the snow…

A cage full of cats was dumped in the snow in Campbell County, Virginia, a few days ago. Someone had abandoned 12 kittens and allowed them to perish in the cold. The harsh winter weather in Campbell County may kill and bury these tiny kittens alive.

Fortunately, a passing motorist noticed a cage jutting out of a snowdrift and came to a halt to investigate.

She noticed six shivering cats inside the box and six little kittens outside. She immediately contacted Friends of Campbell County Animal Control for assistance (FOCCAC).

When rescuers arrived in Campbell County, they were confronted with a tragic scenario. Four kittens were lying still in the snow, and three small cats were in distress. The cage’s four adults and two kittens were drenched and shivering.

All of the cats were soon transported to the nearest animal shelter by volunteers. They used towels, hot water bottles, and even clothing to keep the kittens warm on the way to the shelter.

The tiny kittens were soon dry and grooming themselves as if nothing had occurred, thanks to the animal control officer and volunteers. When all of the kittens have recovered their health, they are ready to be adopted by a loving family that can provide them with a safe and comfortable home.

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Twelve caged kittens were found abandoned and shivering in the snow…
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