This kitty’s funny obsession is not typical of cats at all… Watch the video to know what it is…

Many cat owners have experienced the difficulty of getting their cat into the car, whether for a vacation or a trip to the clinic.

They are adamant about not getting into their carry-on bag. They are in tears. They are frightened.

Mika the tabby cat, on the other hand, adores going on a drive — to the point where he demands to accompany any outings so he can poke his head out the window.

Tahira Sarwar, 47, bought the two-year-old cat when he was a kitten, and after a number of trips to the vet, she discovered his love of car rides.

“I say Mika is like half-cat, half-dog — he’s incredible,” said Tahira, a sales assistant.

“He hears us getting the car keys and is chasing you out the door to come with us.”

“I’m not sure what it is about the automobile, but he really loves it because he can look out the window — if we ever leave him at home, he chases the car down the road.”

“It’s not just about sitting in a chair. If we drive slowly enough, he will perch on the dashboard, the hood, and even the roof of the car.”

Mika’s love of driving has created him a local celebrity in Crouch End, north London, where passers-by often peer out the window to see the kitten getting into the car.

Tahira, who lives with her husband Shamir and their four children, claims that their dog was never trained to do this — he simply enjoys the feeling of the wind in his fur when he pokes his head out the window.

“People look at him and laugh, and they often come up to me and tell me how amazing he is,” Tahira added.

“He’s not soft or affectionate like a regular cat, but he’s more like a safari cat who enjoys going on adventures.”

Tahira said that the cat waits by the door eager to be driven around seconds after hearing the car keys jangle.

“If we can’t take Mika with us, he chases the car down the road,” she explained.

“It’s not just us; I’ve had neighbors tell me that as soon as they open their car door, Mika hops inside and follows them.”

“He is fascinated by the car and gets all enthusiastic about it.”

“He’s a one-of-a-kind cat,” says the owner.

Watch the video here:

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This kitty’s funny obsession is not typical of cats at all… Watch the video to know what it is…
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