This chubby cat is in the center of cruel trollers’ attention…

Some people have definitely missed a crucial life lesson in this age of expressing whatever you want on the internet. Don’t say anything at all if you can’t say something good. And these “trolls,” as they’ve been dubbed, have lost control, hurling written hatred like arrows at people and animals who are only trying to live a happy life.

Liznya, a chubby cat, and her family have recently been the target of trolls who have spread bogus abuse charges. Strangers who know nothing about Liznya have speculated that she is overfed on purpose to attract attention. Threats against her family have been made in some of the more severe remarks and texts. Liznya and her family, on the other hand, are come to correct the record.

Liznya is attempting to lose weight, but everyone who has ever had a chubby cat understands how difficult it is for a feline to shed weight. And, despite her and her family’s efforts to keep her weight from rising and to lose weight, they are subjected to a storm of nasty remarks.

“Some people blame us,” her family said on Instagram, “but we don’t overfeed our cat Liznya because she has health issues.” She’s on a special diet and sees a veterinarian.”

Liznya’s weight issues began while she was pregnant. “Before giving birth, she had already grown rather large, therefore it was tough for her to give birth,” a family member and human brother, Vlad, tells Metro UK.

“She was six kittens pregnant.” It was terrible because Liznya and her children were on the verge of death that day. Liznya and her three babies, however, were saved thanks to the help of veterinarians.”

Following the birth of the kittens, Vlad noted that Liznya’s tabby frame began to gain weight, and “from that time on, our regular visits to clinics began.”

The family has investigated the causes of Liznya’s rapid weight increase with the help of a veterinarian. As of now, they’re looking into hormonal and thyroid issues. Liznya’s weight has stopped rising thanks to her current eating regimen. She’s continuing trying, even if she hasn’t lost any weight yet!

The family has looked into the causes of Liznya’s rapid weight increase with the help of a veterinarian. They’re investigating hormone and thyroid problems right now. Liznya’s weight has stopped rising as a result of her new eating plan. She’s still trying, even if she hasn’t lost any weight yet.

“She is a pretty quiet cat,” Vlad explained, “but she loves to purr when someone is near her.” “When she loves someone, she licks them – that’s how she got her name, Liznya is very close to the Russian term ‘lick,’ despite the fact that her legal name is Charlize.”

“Fun fact: ‘Char’ means ‘ball’ in Russian, and ‘lize’ means ‘lick,’ therefore she has the appearance of a ball and enjoys licking people.”

People have made harsh remarks blaming Liznya’s family for purposefully overfeeding her for publicity without knowing her story.

“I would like to say to all people criticizing me and my cat that it is none of their concern,” Vlad responded. They merely post furious comments because they don’t know the complete story.”

They’ve also received “nasty messages,” according to Vlad, in which “people want us arrested or even killed.”

“However, there are two sides to every story.” Others offer their affection and even dispute with haters while others wish us all the worst.”

And those who adore and support Liznya can look forward to additional photos and videos of the chubby cutie having fun!

Vlad wants everyone to know that the family accepts advice to aid Liznya and expresses his gratitude to those who provide it. “What’s the point in reading how ‘cruel’ we are and how we ‘do everything wrong?'” he asked the trolls.

“Although we may not be great owners, we always give it our all.”

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This chubby cat is in the center of cruel trollers’ attention…
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