“Please let him know that he’s the best kid in the entire world.”… Read on about this boy’s kind adventures below…

Animals, particularly homeless animals, require heroes just like the rest of us.

Meet Shon Griffin, a 7-year-old child who has turned into a superhero to the kitties of Philadelphia’s streets. His aunt Kris Papiernik remarked, “We call him Catman.”

Papiernik and her fiancée, Kia Griffin, have spent the last ten years rescuing and nurturing stray cats. They had recently begun caring for a local gang of street cats known as the ‘Kolony Kats.’

Bug, a cat, refused to comply when he was given vaccines and neutered. When Shon got on the scene, though, everything changed.

“We couldn’t get Bug neutered or anything because he wouldn’t come to us or even get close to the trap,” Papiernik explained. “However, when Shon came around and began feeding him, Bug quickly approached him, and Bug has been a pleasant cat ever since.”

Papiernik had noted that her nephew and the cats had created an instantaneous and strong bond. Bug was one of the first cats Shon was able to win over. “The cats were immediately attracted to him. Bug immediately approached Shon, caressed his legs, and let him pet him.”

“It was the polar opposite — they were drawn to him,” Papiernik explained. “He’d scratch their stomachs and their heads.” It was incredible to watch these kitties who wouldn’t let us touch them yet took to him right away. He must have some sort of mystical influence on the cats.”

Shon has been visiting his aunt and the Kat Kolony on a regular basis since that day, assisting with the maintenance of the cats and resolving any issues that may occur. When he’s on a mission, he even dresses up in his favorite superhero clothes. Even the most hostile cats are lured to him and can’t resist his incentives.

“He likes to dress up now and again,” Papiernik remarked. “It makes him feel like a superhero for animals,” he remarked.

Shon is too young to care for the cats, yet he knows just how to do it. “Giving them cookies is his favorite thing to do.” “Without any instructions from us, he knows how to dole out the dry food and fill up the water bowls,” Papiernik said.

Shon adores cats and doesn’t want to miss out on any opportunity to see them. “He gets quite unhappy if it’s raining, cold, or he can’t go,” Papiernik added. “He sobs, and it hurts him terribly.”

Shon is a hero to both Papiernik and Griffin. “It’s fantastic,” Papiernik added. “It brings a grin to our faces.”

Here are some of the ways the internet loves Catman.
“Please tell him that he is the best kid on the planet.”

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“Please let him know that he’s the best kid in the entire world.”… Read on about this boy’s kind adventures below…
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