In less than a month, the shelter has welcomed the third cat left at the door…

In less than a month, the Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) has discovered cats placed inside a box and abandoned at their doors three times in Florida.

According to a Facebook post they made,

“It doesn’t appear to matter what we say; this keeps happening.” Our staff has discovered a kitten in a box abandoned at our doors for the third time in less than a month.”

Someone abandoned a cat named Conroy, who was tied inside a pillowcase in a box. The kitten was then “unceremoniously dumped” at the door in bad weather.

As people continue to abandon cats, the shelter works to put a stop to it. People tend to make excuses all the time.

“We have no idea how long he’s been there.” We do know that it rained for the majority of the night. He was understandably unhappy and afraid when personnel eventually brought him out,” they said.

“We understand. Life gets in the way from time to time. You’re exhausted. I’m running late for work. I’m looking forward to it. Desperate. ‘They’ll find it in the morning,’ you convince yourself. They should have been open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.’ But please understand that these aren’t sufficient justifications. These are merely justifications.”

It only takes a minute to bring animals inside during operation hours rather than abandoning them.

“We don’t know why people keep doing this, but we’re asking our community to stop.” Bringing an animal in only takes a few minutes. It is horrible to abandon an animal like this, especially a baby.”

Even if folks are too preoccupied, there are other simple alternatives.

The shelter then issued the following statement, anticipating criticism and even blame:

“Of course, OCAS will be criticized. Cameras should be present. For overnight drop-offs, you should have kennels.”

They do point out, however, that anybody can readily pick up a phone. There is no justification for blaming anyone but those who are responsible for abandoning an animal knowing it will be terrified, suffer, and maybe die.

“We want to remind our community that we have officers on the road 24 hours a day and that you can open a call for service by dialing 311.”

Then they go on to describe additional horrible things they’ve witnessed, which would crush anyone’s heart.

“Make no mistake: dumping an animal, tying it to our gates, and releasing it in our parking lot are all terrible activities.”

Although whoever did this to Conroy may believe they were doing him a favor, what they actually did was dispose of him in an irresponsible manner. Some people in our disposable culture need to stop treating animals like trash.

“You’re not going to save a life.”

You’re just wasting one.”

The story was picked up by the local news as a result of sharing the post, and it will help raise awareness in the community. Conroy will have a chance at a happy life because to the shelter and donations from kind individuals like you. Many more amazing kind people renew our confidence in humanity for every stupid, vicious person.

On the Orange County Animal Services website, you can read about available pets for adoption and donate.

According to a recent post, OCAS is doing an outstanding job of finding homes for cats like Conroy.

“There are so many cats, and so many different personalities. We at OCAS are lucky in that our animals are immediately adopted. Even still, we have to remind people that they are here and that they are all looking for decent homes every now and then.”

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In less than a month, the shelter has welcomed the third cat left at the door…
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