A group of kids rescued a kitten who had been dumped on the side of the road in casts…

Several children were playing outside their Phoenix, Arizona, building when they came across a little kitten wearing casts on the sidewalk. The youngsters rushed her home and pleaded with their parents to save her.

When their parents noticed the cat and her damaged legs, they phoned Hamel, a well-known rescuer, in the hopes that she could assist the sad kitten.

“I knew as soon as she arrived, I’d rush her up to my vet,” Hamel said. “One of her finders was a little girl, maybe 4 years old, when she was brought to me.” Cupcake was her name, and I assured her that I liked it and would keep it!”

Cupcake was taken to the vet by Hamel to find out what had happened to her. Everyone was shocked to learn that her legs were not injured at all, and that they functioned completely fine, implying that the casts were placed on purpose.

She was underweight, dehydrated, and emaciated, in addition to her fractured legs.

“She was a sight to behold,” Hamel said. “I have to say, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” Aside from the bizarre device, she was dragging behind her, she was a tiny little thing! In the photo I was sent, she appeared to be considerably larger.”

Cupcake is on her way to recovery thanks to the veterinary experts and Hamel’s care. She’ll be ready to be adopted by a wonderful family after she’s fully recovered.

Despite everything that has happened to her, she continues to adore everyone, especially her new family.

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A group of kids rescued a kitten who had been dumped on the side of the road in casts…
After being rescued from a busy road, a little kitten curls up on the rescuer’s shoulder…