A friendly bokstore kitty who amazes customers each time…Here’s his secret…

This is the story of a bookstore and a cat. A mostly black cat named Frank has an outstanding work ethic. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Next Page Books in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Frank, who is flawlessly cute, has consistently shown up. According to his cat dad, Bart Carithers, this kitten is so dependable that he has his own particular place inside the bookstore.

“Frank’s Corner” is the name given to the area. Frank has his own line of cat-themed novels, greeting cards, coffee mugs, and other cat-related items.

“He’s become the face of the bookstore,” Bart, the bookstore’s owner, says. “He’s a regular around here.”

And he’s a charming fixture to match.

Despite the epidemic, Amazon’s continued rise, and the closure of bookstores, the small bookstore thrives. Carithers resisted the temptation to move his store to a website, and his cute feline Frank has become the adorable epitome of the in-person retail experience, according to The Lacrosse Tribune. And Frank is a master at it, forging personal bonds with consumers that keep them coming back.

With the advent of the internet, we’re assaulted with literature everywhere, and sweet Frank invites consumers to pet him, taking a moment to slow down and appreciate their day. And, according to Bart, most clients don’t know what they’re searching for when they walk in.

“As opposed to sitting in front of a screen or a phone,” he told the Cedar Rapids Gazette, “this was about an experience.”

The addition of Frank’s Corner demonstrates how valuable this magnificent animal is. Frank’s Corner raised over $500 for the Iowa Humane Alliance during its first weekend. This was accomplished by a mix of 10% of net sales and donations placed in a jar at the cash register. The addition of the small corner has made a significant difference. According to Bart, on a regular Saturday during this time of year, sales would be significantly lower.

Carithers worked in daily news for a few years before starting Next Page Books, but he grew bored of the monotonous, often depressing news. He wanted to do something lighthearted and delightful, highlighting the joy that books can provide us. And as the pandemic progressed, it appeared to have no impact on this unique small business — though cat and cat dad did work from home for a spell.

And charming Frank is a multi-talented feline that works at the bookstore in a variety of capacities, including marketing, advertising, and social media mascot. But, in an inexplicable manner that cats do with people, he excels at bringing clients out of themselves.

“Most people will instantly come to a halt and attempt to converse with him or pet him. “In general, people are drawn to animals,” Bart explains. “It contributes to the creation of a welcoming environment.” It’s a conversation starter for individuals who have never been in before.”

Frank is a highly regarded employee, and he enjoys the benefits that come with it. Cat snacks, napping on the bookshelf ladder, and watching birds from the window are just a few of the perks. Oh, and he’s got his favorite toys: a blue mouse and crumpled paper.

He’s always excited to get into his carrier and nearly never misses a day at work. There’s only one little flaw: he likes to steal his cat dad’s chair, but he never knocks over displays of stuff that most cats would find appealing.

This adorable kitten was rescued as a stray kitten at the age of four weeks. Four years ago, he was introduced to Carithers by a customer. When he was around four months old, he started going to the bookstore.

He’s now so well-liked that some customers will simply leave if he isn’t present, according to Bart.

So, what is the most significant way Frank has aided his cat father? As it turns out, he’s a natural at assisting with stress management.

‘Aren’t you stressed?’ people ask. Carithers explains. He works seven days a week and has no intention of retiring, despite the fact that he is 64 years old.

“Not really,” he says to customers, “since I’m not sure what I’m stressed about.” This is where I’m having the time of my life. “I’m having a great time.”

“Today’s display book doesn’t appeal to Frank.”

Frank appears to be content as well. After all, he receives so much love and attention from book fans, as well as a variety of delicacies, cozy napping spots, and enough of time at home with his father.

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A friendly bokstore kitty who amazes customers each time…Here’s his secret…
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