This cat was buried and trapped in a snow-filled carrier after being left near a shelter…

During several winter storms, the evening temperature at Rock Falls, Illinois, barely reached double digits. However, it was during these dark, icy hours that an unknown individual chose to discard an unwanted kitten. So they put the small grey tabby cat in a pink-topped carrier and dumped her in front of a local animal shelter in a cruel manner. And, to make matters worse, the winter landscape was blanketed in snow.

The sad events of the snow-covered evening were far from done for the kitty, who was cold and afraid.
Because snowplow vehicles had been through the neighborhood at some point during the night. The hidden cage is thought to have been clipped and flung into the accumulating snowbanks. Across the street from the Happy Tails Humane Society, the carrier was discovered. In the snow, only a little corner was visible.

The next morning, Donald Czyzyk, the Director of Shelter Medicine for Happy Tails, arrived at the premises. The pink speck in the snow caught his eye as he approached. He couldn’t believe there was an animal inside after realizing it was the corner of a carrier. Donald dug his way through the snowdrift. He took the carrier out of his bag and gazed inside the snow-filled compartment.

Through the snow-covered bars, he was greeted by a grey ear and two mournful eyes.
He dashed inside with the carrier and proceeded to delicately rescue the cat from the cold tomb. He scooped out snow so as not to worry the small girl any further, comforting the cat with a calm voice that everything would be fine. It crushed his heart, even more, when out emerged a one-year-old kitten who was as adorable as can be.

She was overjoyed to be saved and immediately began hugging and asking attention from her hero.

He named her Winter.

Winter was given a full checkup after being warmed up and happily fed. They later discovered she was infested with fleas and had acquired flea allergy dermatitis as a result. When an animal is allergic to a substance found in flea saliva, this is known as a flea allergy. Not only was she dealing with dreadful fleas, but she was also suffering from dermatitis.

“If left untreated, the extreme itching and inflammation associated with it can lead to excessive scratching and chewing, which can damage the skin.” As a result of skin damage, secondary bacterial or fungal infections are prevalent. [And] localized inflammation triggered by an allergic reaction would almost always result in increased scratching and chewing, perhaps worsening the allergic reaction.”

Someone who didn’t want to, or couldn’t afford, to treat the fleas and skin condition may have abandoned Winter. Instead of taking her to the vet, they decided to leave her to the elements. When there are so many alternative options, it was a totally unnecessary risk. Because even the Happy Tails clinic is reasonably priced!

Winter, on the other hand, was definitely doing much better the next morning.

They treated her fleas and kept a tight eye on her in case the incident had any lingering repercussions. The adorable girl relished the attention and was likely regaining her self-confidence. And she adored getting her head scratched!

Once she’s fully recovered and spayed, she’ll be available for adoption. Based on the responses to their Facebook post, I don’t think Happy Tails will have a hard time finding a warm and loving home for Winter. Followers of their page have already offered the strong survivor their homes.

Meanwhile, they raised $1,000 and offered a reward for the abandoner’s location! They have a backup plan in case they can’t discover the guilty party. The money raised will be used to help the shelter’s many other animals.

Any frost remained on Winter’s small body…and large heart… went away as soon as she was warmed up. She was ecstatic with the affection and attention she was getting at Happy Tails. She befriended the other kittens, who were all thriving because of the attention they were receiving.

Winter seems to be aware that she had been saved from a sad fate. Volunteers took this heartfelt image of her almost gazing out the window in profound thought. Regardless, the photo is just as touching as she was simply enchanted by the glittering snow.

She wouldn’t be here to see the beauty of winter if it weren’t for Donald’s watchful eye and the help of the shelter personnel, volunteers, and donations.

Most significantly, we were correct in forecasting that the sweet girl will find the purrfect family in no time!
Winter met her furever mother, Krista, not long after. Krista’s smile said it all: she was welcomed into their family with open arms!

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This cat was buried and trapped in a snow-filled carrier after being left near a shelter…
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