Who said kittens don’t like water? This cutie even swims in the ocean with her dad….

Mike Usher of St. John, US Virgin Islands, is the proud owner of Gracie, a gray tabby kitten. Mike’s cute video of his kitty following him out to sea and swimming with him in the ocean swiftly went viral, and the duo is now taking over the Internet.

Mike discovered Gracie in a little hole in the wall in town when she was barely five weeks old. Mike claims that he heard little meows coming from inside the vine-covered wall while helping out around his uncle’s house. When he returned to check on the kitten, he discovered it. Mike felt lonely and the kitten didn’t have any family. Mike chose to adopt her and gave her the name Gracie.

Mike said in a video, “I needed a companion.” ‘She also lost her mother and her family. “It was almost as though it was meant to be.”

Mike enjoys being outside and is highly active, so his cat Gracie learned to be an outdoor cat with him. Although not all cats enjoy being in the water, it is evident that Gracie does. Mike discovered she could swim after taking her to the beach and having her run directly into the water to swim with him.

“I usually have a towel laid up when I bring her out in the water,” Mike explained. “She reaches for the towel right away.” I have a container of water that I let rest in the sun for a few minutes before giving her a bath.”

Gracie enjoys swimming in the ocean with her father, as well as climbing trees and running along the beach. Mike explained, “Whenever I have free time, I bring her out to the shore and she runs along the beach with me.”

Mike has been transformed into a ‘cat parent’ by Gracie, and the two are now inseparable. Mike explained, ‘She always wanted to be near me wherever I was, whatever I was doing.’

Watch their amazing video here:

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Who said kittens don’t like water? This cutie even swims in the ocean with her dad….
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