This cat takes her tiny thing with her whenever she goes… Here’s why…

Cinnamon is a 17-year-old cat who is completely enamored with her small scarf. She is so enamored with her scarf that she wears it everywhere she goes. Cinnamon’s owner, Callie Parsons, says the cat had an opportunity to get her own scarf due to a yarn scarcity.

“My sister was bored during quarantine, so she decided to crochet a scarf out of this really gorgeous cashmere yarn she had,” Callie explained. “However, she ran out of yarn and the scarf was quite little,” says the author.

As a result, Callie and her sister decided to give Cinnamon the scarf. Cinnamon was not expected to do anything exceptional because she disliked wearing clothes. As a result, they were taken aback when the cat fell in love with the scarf right away.

“Cinnamon fell in love with it right away and now wears it all the time,” Callie remarked. “All she does is sleep with it, cuddle with it, and wear it around the house.”

Cinnamon wears her scarf all the time since it is so warm and pleasant for her. Whether she’s playing, eating, or sleeping, she refuses to take it off.

“I think Cinnamon really likes her scarf because she’s never gotten anything like it before,” Callie explained. “We always get her catnip treats and play toys, but never a blanket,” said the owner.

“She likes to sleep a lot now that she’s older,” Callie added, “so it’s definitely something wonderful for her to snuggle with.” “Cinnamon also sat with Ella as she was making it, so she knows it was done with love,” says Cinnamon.

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This cat takes her tiny thing with her whenever she goes… Here’s why…
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