An abandoned cat found trapped in a carrier and dumped in ditch when a snowstorm was coming…

A woman was enjoying a walk in Wolcott, Connecticut, the day before a snowfall hit when she saw something odd in a ditch. A cat carrier. And inside a ginger cat.

This unfortunate cat was tossed and neglected, trapped in a carrier with no food, drink, or warmth. But luckily for the cat, the woman found him before the winter hit and buried him in the bitter cold. The Wolcott Dog Pound has taken him in and he no longer has to worry about being imprisoned, cold, or hungry.

The Wolcott Dog Pound shared the tragic story of the ginger cat’s abandonment on Facebook after bringing him in.

This is NOT how you ‘rehome’ an animal, the shelter claimed.

Anything could have happened to this poor cat, but the storm looked to be the most imminent threat.

“Thank goodness this kitty was found before the snowstorm.”

But, because of the goodness and compassion of the dog mom who saw the kitty, disaster was avoided.

When the abandoned cat becomes available for adoption, it appears that he will not go without a good home. Not only have Facebook commenters expressed their love for the cat, but many have also stated their want to adopt this adorable ginger. Despite the sadness of abandonment, the kitten has a bright future ahead of her!

Animal rights activists Since 2011, when Boxer/pitbull mix Desmond was murdered by the guy who adopted him, Desmond’s Army has been speaking up for the voiceless and raising awareness about animal abuse legislation. After Desmond’s killer was awarded Accelerated Rehabilitation, a program for non-serious criminals that allows them to have their convictions wiped once they complete it, the ‘army’ formed.

They’re still looking for Desmond’s killer, and now they’re looking for the same for this stray cat, offering a $1,000 prize for any information leading to an arrest.

They’ve made the same call as the Wolcott Dog Pound for anyone with information to come forward.

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An abandoned cat found trapped in a carrier and dumped in ditch when a snowstorm was coming…
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