To her dying best friend cat, a girl sings “You are my sunshine”… Watch the touching video below…

Cat lovers come in all ages, and whether young or elderly, their affection for the feline family is unconditional. And when it’s time to say goodbye to our fur babies, that love provides solace in the most difficult of circumstances.

Abby Merryn, who was only four years old at the time, already knew this when it came to saying goodbye to her dearest friend, Bailey the cat.

Abby, despite her youth, had a lifetime of memories regarding Bailey. Bailey relished every moment of her singing and reading to the orange cat. He even liked dressing up with Abby and their little sister. Bailey was a cat who was completely devoted to his family.

Bailey, on the other hand, was 14 and his kidneys were failing, so he’d soon be leaving Abby’s arms to cross the Rainbow Bridge. The adorable kid hugged Bailey near in his last hours, singing “You Are My Sunshine.”

Erin Merryn, Abby and Bailey’s mother, recorded the beautiful moment on camera and published it online.

Bailey died just a few hours after Abby sang to her best buddy.
The family and the orange tabby’s followers were saddened.

“He was one in a million,” Erin said, “who allowed two little girls to bathe him, feed him in high chairs, push him in strollers, dress him up, put fake makeup on him, rock him in cradles, sit at a table while they fed him plastic food, and sleep with them at nap and bedtime, among many other things.”

Bailey proved to be no average cat, leaving a lasting impression on those he came into contact with. Though he is no longer with us, his family remembers him fondly.

Since Bailey’s death, the Merryn family has welcomed a new fur baby into their house, and Carrot loves playing with Abby and all of the plush ginger kitty toys that arrived after Bailey died.

What a lovely way to honor the memory of a beloved cat who has passed away while starting on a new adventure with a kitten.

Watch the lovely song here:

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To her dying best friend cat, a girl sings “You are my sunshine”… Watch the touching video below…
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