This chonky cat has been maintaining her fitness in order to find her forever home…

This stunning tuxedo chunk has been working on her fitness in order to find a place to call home for the holidays. And she’s got the RSPCA Middlesex North West and South Hertfordshire branch’s animal lovers on her side to help her stick to her diet and fitness regimen.

After arriving at the RSPCA branch weighing 7.01 kg, or fifteen and a half pounds, Snuggles made the decision to drop weight. Snuggles, who was out of shape and tired of people, needed help getting fit so he could find a forever home. Snuggles is now 11.7 pounds and looking for her forever family, due to the RSPCA and her own determination.

Obesity in cats can result in a variety of issues. Not only may be morbidly overweight damage a cat’s ability to stay active and groomed, but it can also lead to diabetes, chronic renal disease, liver disease, and heart failure. Obesity can have devastating effects on a cat’s entire body. Sure, chonkers are attractive, but their size is unhealthy for cats.

When Snuggles, a 5-year-old RSPCA foster child, arrived, she was put on a low-calorie diet with plenty of playing and exercise. They believe Snuggles formerly lived an inside life with little stimulation, causing her to gain weight because she could only eat to relieve boredom.

It’s taken a long time, but she’s made it! Snuggles is now available for adoption at a much healthier weight of 5.31 kgs! However, there are some restrictions for bringing this adorable tuxedo cat home.

Snuggles has a little more weight to lose, so “she is searching for a home with a garden so she can go outside and get some much-needed exercise and is looking for someone who can maintain her diet,” Tracy Deamer, an animal welfare officer with the RSPCA, told

Playtime and enrichment should be scheduled on a regular basis. Snuggles would flourish in an environment with cat towers, scratching posts, and some supervised outside time. Sweet Snuggles, like anyone on a rigorous diet, might get irritable from time to time.

“She is terrified of humans and dislikes being handled,” Tracy explained.

However, the suitable adult-only household with cat knowledge and tolerance will undoubtedly assist this young lady in finding her eternal happiness.

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This chonky cat has been maintaining her fitness in order to find her forever home…
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