Megan Fox and her husband have a new family member, and he is precious…

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox announced their engagement just two months ago, and now they’ve added to their family. With whiskers, large emerald eyes, and fur adorned in unique rosettes, their new addition is just purrecious. That’s true, cat lovers: the celebrity pair have welcomed a Bengal kitten named Whiskey into their home.

The two became good friends after meeting on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass in March of 2020. By June, MGK had declared Fox to be his girlfriend on Twitter. The rapper and actress aren’t hesitant about their PDAs in their very passionate relationship, with the Jennifer’s Body actress referring to Kelly as her “twin flame.” Whiskey will never be without love as a member of their family.

Gun-machine Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, announced the couple’s new cat on Instagram and TikTok. The couple is dressed for the occasion in matching leopard print jammies as they snuggle Whiskey in the TikTok video. We also get a glimpse of Whiskey’s gorgeously striped kitten stomach when MGK pulls him up to the camera for a good look at his cute face! Whiskey’s pawrents are smiling with purride, so it’s all cuteness all around!

“Welcome Whiskey to the group XX,” the “Emo Girl” singer said on Instagram, alongside a collection of photos depicting Whiskey’s life as he adjusts to his new surroundings.

In the first photo, Whiskey is lounging on a cat tower, his mouth wide open! While we know he’s yawning, he certainly appears to be a tough little huge cat roaring his heart out!

The second depicts a cheerful duo decked out in feline rosettes! As he looks away from the camera, Whiskey appears to be planning something wicked.

In another photo, we can tell that MGK is already head over heels in love with his son!

In another image, a cat parent and his kitty are curled in close to each other, snoozing. Whiskey appears to be the house’s current ruler.

Fox and Kelly are planning a gothic wedding with a red river, but we won’t know if Whiskey will play a part in the festivities until the date and place are set.

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Megan Fox and her husband have a new family member, and he is precious…
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