What would cats keep if they had pockets?…

Cats are amusing little creatures, so it’s no surprise that the reactions are inventive and amusing.

We gathered the most amusing responses from Reddit users and compiled them in this piece. If cats had pockets, they would undoubtedly keep the following 28 items in them. Check it out for yourself by scrolling down!

1. Food

2. Ties for your hair

3. Bottle caps

4. Their cute paws

5. Socks

6. Dead mice or birds

7. Toys for retrieving

8. Garbage

9. Snacks

10. Grudges and milk rings

11. Catnip

12. Cellphones

13. Hair ornaments

14. Discarded plastic scraps

15. Money

16. Small insects and animals

17. Laser toys

18. Plastic bags

19. Love

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What would cats keep if they had pockets?…
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